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    Our Visual Art Show studio team gathered for the first time in 2009. Since then we had been practicing every day to improve our artistry and make our performances unforgettable. Our hard work got rewarded: ultimately we became the best artists of visual art show, staging exciting performances admired by people throughout the world.

    Our secret is simple - we love our work.

    Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

    The best reward for us is to see happy and lit up faces.

    Tetiana Galitsyna (winner of Poland`s Got Talent 2013) is founder and creative director of the studio. One of the world`s best masters of the sand art, creativity coach and mastermind in the area of visual art show for many painters and artists around the world. Tetiana Galitsyna has created other Visual Art Show, which are precented by studio, such as: light animation, water art, star show, and many other techniques. Tetiana Galitsyna, also founded an international education company "Galitsyna Art School", where everyone can learn the unusual art forms.

    GAG presents the next show in the international market:

    - Light Art Show
    - Water Art
    - Sand Show
    - Composite Picture Show
    - Snow Animation
    - Star Show
    - Speed Painting / Dancing Painting / Upside Down Painting

    39 events of Galitsyna Art Group, which is worth noting:

    2015r. Specially prepared sand show for the London Metal Exchange in Great Britain
    2015r. Created clip To Dla Ciebie Jestem for the singer Marcin Miller frontman of band Boys in sand art technique
    2015. - European tour with a Star show in which we introduced the culture of Ukraine to Lublin, Warsaw and Budapest (Poland, Hungary)
    2015r. Special sand show Dożynki Gminne in Rudna (Poland)
    2015r. Special sand show program for the "Tequila Patry" in Mexico
    2015. - Sand show about history of the festival and the city (Poland) was the biggest surprise of the festival "Agate Lato 2015" in Lvuvku Shlnskom
    2015r. Special sand show "Imaginarium" in France
    2015. - A year before the XXXI Olympic Games, Tetiana has created the video in the technique of sand animation "Rio 2016", which tells about the history of the Olympic Games and the incredible beauty of Brazil
    2015. Light Painting Show about History of Science for the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, UAE) 2015. - A special show for the Azerbaijani embassy in Ukraine
    2015. - Special guest at the presentation of the mascots of XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro 2016. (Brazil)
    2015. - A special guest on the final Charity Ball "Fundacji Ducha" (Torun, Poland)
    2015. - Special guest of the final round of the charity event "Wielka Orkiestra Świętecznej Pomocy" (Poland)
    2015. - Special guest at a charity event under the patronage of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski "Ślachetna Paczka" (Warsaw, Poland)
    2014/2015r. Special Christmas sand show for the EUROPA PARK in Germany
    2014. - Participation in the final stage of the charity event "Pomagam" on TVN (Poznan, Poland)
    2014. - Created a clip in the art of drawing snow for Galina Mlynkovoy (singer, a star of the Polish pop)
    2014. - Special guest at the celebration of the city Niepolomice (Poland)
    2014. - Special guest at "East Capital Awards" with sand show of the fall down the Berlin Wall (Stockholm, Sweden)
    2014. - The main star of the Malopolska Festival of Arts "Karpaty Offer", with specifically created shows in three techniques of visual art show: sand animation, water animation, drawing light (Nowy Sącz, Poland)
    2014. - Presented a special show created for the theater performance on the concert Magik Malbork (Malbork, Poland)
    2014. - Special guest at the award ceremony "Kobieta z Charakterem" with sand show about the great women of Poland (Warsaw, Poland)
    2013. - Participants of the final stage of the charity event "Pomagam" on TVN (Warsaw, Poland)
    2013. - A winner in the project "Poland Mam Talent 6"
    2013. - Sand show at the City Day of Zaporozhye
    2013. - A special show for the UN program The World We Want
    2013. - The exclusive light painting show at the opening of La Lestra (Monaco)
    2013. - Presentation of the new football form of the company Nike with sand animation (Spain, Barcelona)
    2013. - Performance at the event for Pyotr Poroshenko
    2013. - Special guest with sand show at the international exhibition on the invitation of Sheikh Zayed (Dubai, UAE)
    2013. - The performance of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the City Day of Astana
    2013. Performance for the reception of Ministers
    2012. - Special sand show with orchestra "5 zmysłów. Pauza" (Poznan, Poland)
    2012. - The performance for the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov
    2012. Performance for the International Economic Forum in Kiev (Ukraine)
    2011. - Represents the culture of Ukraine in Israel with sand show as the official representative of the delegation of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
    2010. - Winner of the International Festival of Theatre and Cinema (Odessa, Ukraine)
    2010. - A sand paintings exhibition on the theme "Do good" at the Festival of Arts (Kiev, Ukraine)
    2009. - The winner of the competinion from Ministry of Culture of the Crimea in the nomination "The most spectacular show program"

    3 short facts about Galitsyna Art Group (GAG):

    1. GAG shows were staged in 30 countries on 5 continents.
    2. GAG artists are the winners of 7 international and 19 national competitions.
    3. GAG took part in 38 TV shows.

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    Your benefits of working with GAG:

    1. We offer all-in-one service and save your time. You dont have to worry about anything. We handle all arrangements and logistics before we arrive to your venue.
    2. Galitsyna Art Group produces and stages top Visual Art Shows. We always strive to bring the highest quality entertainment to our clients.
    3. A short timeframe does not scare us. We can put up any show within just 1 day. Both price and quality will remain the same.
    4. We plan our arrival in advance. GAG always gets to the site early enough to fix all technical issues before the guests start coming.
    5. Every single show is unique. We will make a performance that will fit the theme of your event and tailor it to your wishes.
    6. You approve the show script .We consider all your wishes and requests while we prepare.
    7. We are always there. GAG is available 24/7.
    8. It is a pleasure to work with us! Our artists and managers work in sync to make the process run smoothly. We take care of everything, and you enjoy the performance.
    9. We evolve with the time. We always look for something new to surprise our audience and love adding special effects.
    10. We save your time, for we are professionals. We have been staging our shows for more than 6 years, so we plan everything ahead of time. We know what should be taken into account and when.
    11. We offer a variety of entertainment. We like to be different, we feature tons of acts, and we will definitely find something special to make your event memorable.
    12. GAG shows are affordable. Our artists work hard to make our performances inimitable, but art exists to be displayed, so you will find that our prices are much lower than our quality.
    13. Cooperation is transparent. We sign a contract, and you have a choice between different payment options, be it wire transfer or cash.
    14. We are flexible and can adapt our Visual Art Shows to any type of event or theme.
    15. Our costumes always match the theme and style of your event.
    16. We always strive to exceed your expectations!
    17. We have successfully carried out over 3000 shows on the world`s best venues.

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