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The right attitude and spirit of the employees - the key to the companys success.
Visual Art Teambuilding from Galitsyna Art Group - is the employees attitude to the correct direction of development, it is very original and unusual creative way.

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Why 3,000+ clients from 30 countries all over the world ordered our Visual Art Show

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    Each Visual Art Teambuilding is unique. You can take part in such art act only once! We develop special program to create right atmosphere and mood in team. With this atmosphere you will reach necessary results!

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    Limited time

    Our 4-years expirients in the field Visual Art Teambuilding help us to collect knowleges and expirience in phycology, behavior and motivation. Thanks to the our experience we often provide prompt assistance in the work and motivation of the team. We have learned to help customer to reach various purposes, including extreme conditions.

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    V.I.P. Personal service

    Visual Art teambuilding is a perfect solution for companies, that reach their goals and increase the company effectiveness through employs satisfaction.

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    We collect the best world experience in the sphere of teambuilding and motivation. It have already worked on the staff of various companies in the 3 countries and synthesized the best methods to achieve the goals. The most important thing in the process of creation of all employees take everything naturally.

Visual Art Teambuilding – new and modern trends in the team building and working with the team. The main feature is relaxing a person who create, remembers all the most pleasant thing that happened to him, reveals itself, dream, and all this is reflected in the picture. Our professional instructors analyze the behavior expression of each team member, make conclusions and on their basis with art set up employees to desirable harmony. People take it easy because everything happens unconsciously through creativity and receive as his own idea. So, it naturally raise the morale of the team, their dedication and loyalty to the leadership.

We, the creative team Galitsyna Art Group, will surprise you and create a unique creative program for your corporate event, and realize according to company issues.

When you create a Visual Art team building, we will consider all your wishes, theme events, his goal to create the right atmosphere and the realization of the goals. And of course, we will surprise you!


When you invite Galitsyna Art Group to stage a Visual Art Show, there is a handy memo that can help you:

1. Tell us the date, country, city and specific location of the planned event. We should check the schedule of our artists to make sure that they are available and can get to your venue on time.

2. If you already know what type of program you prefer for your event, please, indicate it in your request.

3. It is important to pick the right type of performance that will match your event format. Please, tell us more about the occasion, if you dont know which show program would fit your event best. Describe your event, give us some information about event goals, format, theme, audience and share some of your ideas about the effect you expect to achieve. These valuable details will help us pick the show that will suit your event ideally.

4. Do not worry about the result - you invite the top Visual Art Show artists in the industry. Everything will work out great! During the 6 years of painstaking work we have gathered best world practices, ideas, techniques, and innovations and combined them with our knowledge, talents, and inventions. Through our experiments we have achieved mind-blowing results which you definitely should see!

5. Keep in touch with us while we prepare a show for you. We are professionals, we take into account your wishes and act in your best interests to make sure that we deliver the best possible result and exceed your expectations.

6. Even if you dont know all the details, book the date of the show. At the moment you may not have a clear concept or particular wishes, you may still be unsure about your event format, but if you know the date, it is better to reserve it. Thus you will have a guarantee that we will come to you. We can always clarify the details as we progress.

7. Stay open to new ideas. A real artist should always have some freedom to surprise you. When working on a new project, our artists stretch their imagination to find a unique and unusual way of meeting your original request, and to show what others may not notice. Be prepared to look at usual things from an unusual angle. We promise, you will love the result!

8. Get ready to experience a storm of emotions! Our aim is to evoke the emotions of such overwhelming power that our art will stay in memory for a lifetime.

— orporate events                                                                               — Private parties

— Social gatherings                                                                               — Video production (music videos, reels, etc.)

— Presentations / conferences                                                            — Advertising / commercials

— Unusual gifts / special occasions                                                   — Enticing event invitations & announcements

— Weddings                                                                                            — Teambuilding events

— Concerts                                                                                              — Art & relaxation therapy


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How do we work

  • You contact us

    Just call or email our manager to check if we are available on the day of your event or if you have any other questions

  • We discuss the details of your event

    We discuss the details of your event

    We discuss your event, your expectations and other details to properly prepare the show

  • We prepare sketches

    We prepare sketches

    We make preliminary sketches for the show, then we send them for your approval and consider all your wishes and ideas

  • We stage the show

    We stage the show

    You watch our team putting up a thrilling show. We arrive to the event site beforehand to make all necessary arrangements and run a rehearsal

  • You are happy

    You are happy

    We have pleased your guests with Visual Art Show and inspired a festive atmosphere

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