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- The Icon of Sand Art
- The winner of Poland’s Got Talent Show
- Visual Art Show Star

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    The one and the only

    Each sand performance by Tetiana Galitsyna is unique. It can be seen just once. Silhouettes, mood, feelings, and emotions - they are different every time, during each new show.

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    Worlds the best

    Tetiana Galitsyna is one of the worlds TOP-5 sand artists who truly master the sophisticated sand painting technique.

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    Individual approach

    Tetiana Galytsyna breathes life into her heroes. She shares her spark and her love with them. Sand characters whisper their stories in return. This is a truly overwhelming experience. Tetiana imparts soul to her sand creatures, and you can feel what they feel. This is real art!

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    The winner of Polands Got Talent

    Thin, but real, deeply touching sand stories of Tetiana Galitsyna moved the viewers to tears and she won the title of the most talented person in Poland.

Interesting facts about Tetiana Galitsyna:

1. Person of the Year 2014 prize winner in Ukraine. Culture and Art nomination.
2. Polands Got Talent show winner in 2013.
3. Tetiana opened the first school of sand animation in Poland.
4. Tetiana Galitsyna is the founder of Galitsyna Art School. It is an international network of art schools that use Tetiana Galitsynas proprietary teaching methods.
5. Tetiana is the founder of Galitsyna Art Group - the largest and the most successful Visual Art Show studio in Europe.
6. Tetiana trained 30+ professional artists, bringing them up to the level of international renown in Visual Art performances.
7. Tetiana Galitsyna is a trendsetter of Visual Art Show industry.

Tetiana Galitsyna with the visual art show was invited to next Events:

2015. Specially prepared sand show for the London Metal Exchange in Great Britain
2015. Created clip To Dla Ciebie Jestem for the singer Marcin Miller frontman of band Boys in sand art technique
2015. Special sand show Dożynki Gminne in Rudna (Poland)
2015. - Sand show about history of the festival and the city (Poland) was the biggest surprise of the festival "Agate Lato 2015" in Lvuvku Shlnskom
2015. - A year before the XXXI Olympic Games, Tetiana has created the video in the technique of sand animation "Rio 2016", which tells about the history of the Olympic Games and the incredible beauty of Brazil
2015. - Special guest at the charity Ball of the mascots XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro 2016. (Brazil)
2015. - A special guest on the final Charity Ball "Fundacji Ducha" (Torun, Poland)
2015. - Special guest of the final round of the charity event "Wielka Orkiestra Świętecznej Pomocy" (Poland)
2015. - Special guest at a charity event under the patronage of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski "Ślachetna Paczka" (Warsaw, Poland)
2014. - Participant of the final stage of the charity event "Pomagam" on TVN (Poznan, Poland)
2014. - Tetiana creates a clip with the drawing snow art for Galina Mlynkova (singer, a star of the Polish pop)
2014. - Special guest at the celebration of the City Day, Niepolomice (Poland)
2014. - Special guest at "East Capital Awards" with sand show about fall down of the Berlin Wall (Stockholm, Sweden)
2014. - The main star of the Malopolska Festival of Arts "Karpaty Offer", with specifically created shows in three techniques of visual art show: sand animation, water animation, drawing light (Nowy Sącz, Poland)
2014. - Presented a special show created for the theater performance on the concert Magik Malbork (Malbork, Poland)
2014. - Special guest at the award ceremony "Kobieta z Charakterem" with sand show about great women of Poland (Warsaw, Poland)
2013. - Participant of the final stage of the charity event "Pomagam" on TVN (Warsaw, Poland)
2013. Tetiana has won the project "Poland Mam Talent 6"
2013. - Sand show at the Zaporozhye City Day
2013. - A special show for the UN program The World We Want
2013. - The exclusive show of the light drawing at the opening La Lestra (Monaco)
2013. - Presentation of the new football form of the company Nike with sand animation (Spain, Barcelona)
2013. - Special guest with sand show at the international exhibition on the invitation of Sheikh Zayed (Dubai, UAE)
2012. - Special sand show with orchestra "5 zmysłów. Pauza" (Poznan, Poland)
2012. - Performance at the International Economic Forum in Kiev (Ukraine)
2011. - Represents the culture of Ukraine in Israel with sand show as the official representative of the delegation of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
2010. - Winner of the International Festival of Theatre and Cinema (Odessa, Ukraine)
2010. - A sand paintings exhibition on the theme "Do good" at the Festival of Arts (Kiev, Ukraine)
2009. - The winner of the competinion from Ministry of Culture of the Crimea in the nomination "The most spectacular show program"

When you invite Tetiana Galitsyna to your event, there is a handy memo that can help you:

1. Tell us the date, country, city, and specific location of the planned event.
We should check the schedule of Tetiana Galitsyna to make sure that she is available and can get to your venue on time.

2. If you already know what type of show program you prefer to see at your event, please, indicate it in your request.

3. Please, tell us more about your event, if you dont know which show program would fit your event best.

Describe your event, give us some information about event goals, format, theme, audience and share some of your ideas about the effect you expect to achieve. These valuable details will help us pick the show that will match your event ideally.

4. Do not worry about the result - you invite the top Visual Art Show artist. Everything will work out great!
Tetiana Galitsyna started her creative path in early childhood and devoted the last 6 years to sand animation, visual art, stage production, psychology, and art innovations. Everyday hard work, incredible dedication, love for people, and Tetianas emotional generosity bring her sand stories to life, give them energy to touch hearts of people throughout the world and remedy their souls, with no words and no barriers. This is what makes Tetiana the true Icon of Sand Art!

5. Even if you dont know all the details, book the date of the show.
At the moment you may not have a clear concept or particular wishes, you may still be unsure about your event format, but if you know the date, it is better to reserve it. Thus you will have a guarantee that your guests will see The Tetiana Galitsyna Show. We can always clarify the details as we progress.

6. Stay open to new ideas.
Art is not mundane. When working on a new project, Tetiana immerses herself in her creative work and lets her imagination run freely. Be prepared to look at usual things from an unusual angle. We promise, you will love the result!

7. Get ready for a miracle!
Visual Art Show is not a still image, it is a process, it is a story, and it is life that flows by. It is about greatness of small people, about things we do not notice, and about eternal beauty of nature. Just keep your eyes wide open, watch our small performance, and you will feel the soft heartbeat of our universe.

— orporate events                                                                              — Private parties

— Social gatherings                                                                             — Video production (music videos, reels, etc.)

— Presentations / conferences                                                          — Advertising / commercials

— Unusual gifts / special occasions                                                 — Enticing event invitations & announcements

— Weddings                                                                                          — Teambuilding events

— Concerts                                                                                            — Art & relaxation therapy


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