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Why 3,000+ clients from 30 countries all over the world ordered our Visual Art Show

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    Magical Speed Painting Show by VLODYR very difficult to implement. The show is unique. VLODYR is the one who can perform the show on a high level. That is why it is available not for everyone.

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    The STAR of Poland Got Talent

    People are very excited by Vlodyrs unbelievable speed painting. They still dont understand how it is possible to create a picture 3x2 m for 3 minutes.

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    V.I.P. Personal Service

    VLODYR create every Speed Painting Show individually. His shows are unique. The show are no repeat, you can see it and feel the emotions only ones. Next time will be different!

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    Global Brand 1

    VLODYR acknowledges as the fastest Speed Painter because he can create a composite picture size 3x2 m for 3 minutes the world record. Currently nobody can do this!


  • The fastest Speed Painter in the world.
  • The STAR of Poland Got Talent 2015.
  • Pupil of Tetiana Galitsyna – The Icon of Visual Art Show.
  • VLODYR is the master of next technics: Magical Speed Painting, Split & Join Show, Light Art Show, Dancing Painter, Star Show.
  • VLODYR has created and performed 650 shows in 27 countries.
  • VLODYR’s Pictures are in privet collections over the world and picture gallery of Europe.
  • VLODYR are the trend-setter in the Visual Art Show industry.
  • VLODYR creates pictures in unique technics „Live Art”

When ordering VLODYR’s Visual Art Show is important:

  1. To give us next information: date, country, city and a place of your event. Concert Director verify the Vlodyr’s schedule and inform you about possibility to be on your event on time.
  2. To tell us what VLODYR’s Visual Art Show do you want him to create for the event.
  3. To choose VLODYR’s Visual Art Show correctly for the special options of the event. If you are doubt in your show choice, it is important to inform concert director about purpose, characteristics, audients of the event and effect that you are expected.
  4. You are address to the best master of Visual Art Show industry. VLODYR devoted himself for the last 3 years to Visual Art, choreography, painting, dances, speed of painting, thought he creates the pictures from his childhood. His everyday selfless work the incredible dedication and passion to the art bear the fruit – VLODYR is the best Speed Painter in the world.
  5. To book date of the event. Even if you don’t have clear event conception or purpose, book your date and we can guaranty that you will have unique VLODYR’s Visual Art Show. We will take into account all special aspects of the event as clarifying.
  6. To be open for new solutions. VLODYR often realizes the task from the most unexpected side plunging into cooperation with you. Be willing to look at familiar things in a different light.
  7. Be ready to received stunning result!

Purpose of VLODYR’s show to surprise you. Be prepared for anything!

— orporate events                                                                               — Private parties

— Social gatherings                                                                               — Video production (music videos, reels, etc.)

— Presentations / conferences                                                            — Advertising / commercials

— Unusual gifts / special occasions                                                   — Enticing event invitations & announcements

— Weddings                                                                                            — Teambuilding events

— Concerts                                                                                              — Art & relaxation therapy


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How do we work

  • You contact us

    Just call or email our manager to check if we are available on the day of your event or if you have any other questions

  • We discuss the details of your event

    We discuss the details of your event

    We discuss your event, your expectations and other details to properly prepare the show

  • We prepare sketches

    We prepare sketches

    We make preliminary sketches for the show, then we send them for your approval and consider all your wishes and ideas

  • We stage the show

    We stage the show

    You watch our team putting up a thrilling show. We arrive to the event site beforehand to make all necessary arrangements and run a rehearsal

  • You are happy

    You are happy

    We have pleased your guests with Visual Art Show and inspired a festive atmosphere

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